Candle Jack

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Candle Jack is an odd feature suggested by Akruru/Luvbi. If you say "Candle Jack" or "Candlejack" in a post, the rest of your post gets cut off (because you were supposedly snatched away for saying his name). If you quoted somebody who had posted Candle Jack, chaos ensued as quotes closed themselves incorrectly and the entire page of the thread went insane. Francis eventually fixed this, but the Candle Jack feature remai-

He originates from a Freakazoid! episode in which saying the name brings upon a ghost that captures you. Apparently he has a weakness for PIE.

The only one to have escaped Candle Jack is Wacko McGoose. The topic that he escaped in was devirtualized with the Dump, but here is a reproduction:

-[quote="Wacko McGoose"]I'm not scared of this Candle Jack person. *Candle Jack appears* Uh-oh.
*drops an Ocean Liner on Candle Jake; he gets crushed* See ya, ghosty! *jumps into portable hole*[/quote]

Later, Pfargtl escaped him by nuking him.

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